Then Someone Asked Me:

Why On Earth Would I Want To Learn Figure Drawing?

How do you answer that? I thought about it and realised, this is actually a very valid question. In today’s world, in this economic climate, who has the time and money to spare for the fancy stuff like Figure Drawing? Should we not perhaps make an extra mortgage payment instead? Should we not perhaps spend more time with our loved ones? The kids, the partner, the parents? Even if you had a strong urge to learn figure drawing, even if it was your life long dream, how do you justify wanting to do it? What is it one gets out of it?

This, I realised, was far too important to brush aside and so I made an extra video where I answer the question. Having experienced the life enriching and furthering benefits of figure drawing for a long time I haven’t thought about any of the above. But there is a lot to it, so watch the video, and at the end of it there is also a challenge I did not plan before the recording started. It just came along and made sense at the time. Might cost you a couple of hours of time but there is 5 FREE Critiques worth $60.00 each to be won.

Oh yes, if you are interested in the challenge, there is a deadline on it – Monday 7th May 2012.

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