The Stone Piece Nr1 – “Deliverance” Part 3

Welcome to the third and last part of the article about the sandstone carving “Deliverance”.

As I said at the end of part 2 I have decided to keep the clay model and exhibit it. I felt it can stand on it’s own. Instead of firing and glazing the piece I have decided to coat it with metal. Bronze to be exact. For this I used a metal coating process of a company called Sculpt Nouveau. They produce patinas and metal finishes that can be applied, if I am not mistaken, to any surface. A porous surface such as clay doesn’t have to be sealed if it is cured (bisque fired in case of the clay). The metal coating will soak into the cured material deeper if it isn’t sealed and so you might have to use more of the Metal Coating. Also, using Traditional Patinas (the ones that react and affect the metal) should be applied to wet / damp Metal Coating. The metal is suspended in an acrylic binder so when it dries, more of the acrylic rises to the surface of the metal thus reducing the effectiveness of the Patina. The company provides all the necessary components of the process and have great demo videos showing the process.
Now, I feel I need to make a clear distinction here. This is not a paint that would resemble an aged bronze surface. This is not an imitation. It is the real thing. The coating is made of the real metal and by applying the patina to the dry metal surface it creates the same effect as if the metal was exposed to weather. I think that makes all the difference.

So here are the finished pieces:

And here is the sandstone carving:

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