The Stone Piece Nr1 – “Deliverance” Part 2

Welcome to the second part.

When I got to the stage of roughing out the head I could not get past the bearded man. I tried several times to adhere to the clay model, but the stone itself was imposing its solidness and stature and was turning into an old man. As I was carving a few pieces at the same time I was able to leave the man alone for a couple of days. When I returned to work on him, the assumed course did not change.

Finally I gave in and decided to go with the current. I had lots of help on the way:

IMG_7753_weboptIMG_7755_weboptAfter that I interrupted the work again to finish carving another piece, but when I returned, to the man and seeing that he will not change his mind, being so determined to come forth I continued in good faith that he know what he’s doing. And from then on I did not try to alter the expression.

However there was one more alteration I did not foresee. The flower pattern.


Now that the clay model was so much different from the stone piece I have decided to keep it instead of recycling the clay for the next stone piece. I used a product form a US company to metal coat it. But more about that and the final pieces in the next part.
To be continued…

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