Work In Progress Continues

Hello everyone,

We continue with the second episode of this new series about figure drawing workflow. The part of the process I really wanted to share, is working out the composition. A kind of “go with the flow” process where one doesn’t have to worry about how a body looks in a certain position. The whole sum of the lectures I sell are geared towards this point. The lectures provide the knowledge of anatomy while teach how to go about massing, planes, plane breaks, how to find and observe landmarks, how to use simple devices like contour lines and so on. They help to build a visual library of the human body one can then use to create.
So here is the second free video. Enjoy!



Hello everyone,

I have introduced the “Specials” – a discount system where different Lectures will be less expensive for a period of time. The specials will be based on a “refund” system where you pay the full price for a Lecture and then within 48 hrs I will refund a certain amount via Paypal.
What is less expensive, when and by how much will be announced on the home page, in left upper corner.


So look out for the Specials as they get updated. Hope this will help everyone a bit.

Term 3 at Masterclass concludes

So there it is, term 3 has ended. What a magnificent class. Everyone very talented and eager to learn. Every one of those students deserves an appreciation for their efforts – it is not easy to fit in art in our busy lives. It requires dedication, determination and, of course, the love of drawing. Check out the “before and after the course” images of the work these students produced at the masterclass. Very inspiring.

New Feature – Critique

Hello everyone, finally the Critique feature is available. A great way to start if you are just starting. And a great way to continue if you are already on the way.

We are our own worst critics. Every single one of us. No exceptions. We can’t prevent the bias and more often than not, we unconsciously overlook the slightly less than great bits in our work. But those bits are the good stuff. Sure, it hurts the ego to see how much more there is to go, but what a great help it is on our way of learning. To know where our weaknesses are. It is much easier to correct them than to spot them in the first place.

The Critique itself will be a recorded video about 10 minutes long in which I’ll talk and draw (on a separate layer) to illustrate what I mean. You will need to let me know whether you want to keep it private or you’re happy to share it with the others here on the Blog. It is hard to do that at first, but it is an exposure and you can benefit from the comments of everyone else. Also, it is a good preparation for the industry out there.