Advanced Course and much more for much less.

What’s Coming
I have a few announcements to make. First of all, the common mistakes series still has a few episodes in store. While finishing the series, I already started to work on the Advanced Course. Now this is going to be a high quality series of videos geared towards the ultimate goal of figure drawing: Creation.

While the beginners course concentrates on the basic principles of figure drawing as well as basic anatomy, the advanced course takes everything a notch higher. The focus is no longer on copying the model we see. The focus is on using the knowledge gained from the beginners course as a tool to create the figures that already populate your conscious and unconscious mind.
Once you have absorbed all that can be had from the beginners course and then you follow through with the advanced course, the place I would like you all to get to, is having so much knowledge stored up that you can entirely concentrate on the creative process. This doesn’t mean you get a highly polished anatomically correct drawing every time you put your pencil to paper. The place I am talking about is being able to be in the flow. Being able to rough out your composition and change things on the fly without having to worry about anatomy, massing, perspective and all the elements of drawing.
Once you have your composition, then you can worry about the details, the lighting, the correct proportions, the exact anatomy.

The tremendous power of this type of work is that it shapes and refines your own style. I repeat this because this is so important: This way, you will develop and refine your OWN STYLE. No more copying. You have to realise that in the whole wide universe there is only one copy of each of you. Nobody, NOBODY! can draw the way you draw as long as you develop your own style. That style is unique and cannot be copied. The internal energy of your stroke (developed in time) of your view and your aesthetics (arrived at through your very own life experience) can NOT be replicated. And that, is called Figure Drawing.

So, now that you know the plan, here is how I propose to do it:

For those who have already started the beginners course I want to make the rest of it more affordable. For those who are new to the course I want to make the course more affordable outright. Why? I want you to start it and finish it. I want you to progress to the Advanced Course. I want you to get to the FLOW. So, you see, I have my ulterior motives.

Everything on the Figure Drawing Online website, EVERYTHING has a 25% discount. All you have to do is to type the word: SaLE in the discount voucher space at the checkout and click Recalculate. The amount will change applying 25% discount. And that’s it. Go through the checkout as usual. If you order the DVD version or the PC/MAC version which has to arrive in the mail, the postage and handling is not discounted.

New Figure Drawing Website

Hello everyone, trust you are all ok and doing well. As I said in an earlier post with the completion of the last lecture (Lecture 13 – Facial Features) the beginners course is now complete. And that brings along a few changes including the new pricing.

You can still purchase a single or only a few lectures if you wish in a variety of formats, however the new pricing favours the Course as a single purchase as it represents a complete take on beginners figure drawing, guiding the student through the whole of the human body. The separate lectures often recall material discussed in the earlier episodes and so it is useful to have them all available.

The look of the new website’s home page:

The new pricing
Since many of you are in the process of getting the lectures one by one, I will keep the current pricing for the next 6 weeks as is, to give you a chance to get the missing lectures. The new website and the new pricing listed below will start from Sunday 31 March 2013.

Current Pricing
Lectures 1 – 13 Download Edition – AUD 30.00 each
Lectures 1 – 13 Download Edition received in mail – AUD 30.00 each + postage*
Lectures 1 – 13 DVD Edition (PAL and NTSC) – AUD 40.00 each + postage*
Lectures 1 – 13 DVD Value Pack (PAL and NTSC) – AUD 520.00 free postage
Lecture 0 Where To Start – AUD 20.00
* to check how much the postage is, add the desired purchase to the shopping cart

New Pricing (starts on Sunday, 31 March 2013)
Lectures 1 – 13 Whole Course Download Edition
AUD 499.00 + Lecture 0 Where To Start worth AUD 20.00 for free
Lectures 1 – 13 Whole Course Download Edition received in mail
AUD 499.00 + postage* + Lecture 0 Where To Start worth AUD 20.00 for free
Lectures 1 – 13 Single Episodes Download Edition
AUD 49.00 each
Lectures 1 – 13 Single Episodes Download Edition received in mail
AUD 49.00 each + postage*
Lectures 1 – 13 Whole Course DVD Edition (PAL and NTSC)
AUD 599.00 + postage* + Lecture 0 Where To Start worth AUD 20.00 for free
Lectures 1 – 13 DVD Edition (PAL and NTSC) Single Episodes
AUD 59.00 each + postage*
* to check how much the postage is, add the desired purchase to the shopping cart.
Note: Lecture 0 Where To Start will no longer be available as a purchase, however will be added as a free bonus worth AUD 20.00 for those who buy the whole course in any format.

New video series
There is also a new series of short free videos coming soon, dealing with the most common mistakes we make while learning to draw. These are the mistakes that take time to see, however if a teacher points them out, we can really accelerate our progress. The videos will be published on this blog.

Hope this all makes sense. If you have any questions, post a comment so everyone can benefit, or email me.


Then Someone Asked Me:

Why On Earth Would I Want To Learn Figure Drawing?

How do you answer that? I thought about it and realised, this is actually a very valid question. In today’s world, in this economic climate, who has the time and money to spare for the fancy stuff like Figure Drawing? Should we not perhaps make an extra mortgage payment instead? Should we not perhaps spend more time with our loved ones? The kids, the partner, the parents? Even if you had a strong urge to learn figure drawing, even if it was your life long dream, how do you justify wanting to do it? What is it one gets out of it?

This, I realised, was far too important to brush aside and so I made an extra video where I answer the question. Having experienced the life enriching and furthering benefits of figure drawing for a long time I haven’t thought about any of the above. But there is a lot to it, so watch the video, and at the end of it there is also a challenge I did not plan before the recording started. It just came along and made sense at the time. Might cost you a couple of hours of time but there is 5 FREE Critiques worth $60.00 each to be won.

Oh yes, if you are interested in the challenge, there is a deadline on it – Monday 7th May 2012.

New Feature – Critique

Hello everyone, finally the Critique feature is available. A great way to start if you are just starting. And a great way to continue if you are already on the way.

We are our own worst critics. Every single one of us. No exceptions. We can’t prevent the bias and more often than not, we unconsciously overlook the slightly less than great bits in our work. But those bits are the good stuff. Sure, it hurts the ego to see how much more there is to go, but what a great help it is on our way of learning. To know where our weaknesses are. It is much easier to correct them than to spot them in the first place.

The Critique itself will be a recorded video about 10 minutes long in which I’ll talk and draw (on a separate layer) to illustrate what I mean. You will need to let me know whether you want to keep it private or you’re happy to share it with the others here on the Blog. It is hard to do that at first, but it is an exposure and you can benefit from the comments of everyone else. Also, it is a good preparation for the industry out there.