New Feature – Critique

Hello everyone, finally the Critique feature is available. A great way to start if you are just starting. And a great way to continue if you are already on the way.

We are our own worst critics. Every single one of us. No exceptions. We can’t prevent the bias and more often than not, we unconsciously overlook the slightly less than great bits in our work. But those bits are the good stuff. Sure, it hurts the ego to see how much more there is to go, but what a great help it is on our way of learning. To know where our weaknesses are. It is much easier to correct them than to spot them in the first place.

The Critique itself will be a recorded video about 10 minutes long in which I’ll talk and draw (on a separate layer) to illustrate what I mean. You will need to let me know whether you want to keep it private or you’re happy to share it with the others here on the Blog. It is hard to do that at first, but it is an exposure and you can benefit from the comments of everyone else. Also, it is a good preparation for the industry out there.

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