The Lecture on the Skull is ready

Hello everyone, the second last lecture in the Beginner series is now ready.

The head has always been a great challenge for the artist. After all we are very accustomed to look into each others faces and read them to understand each other. We are very good at seeing when something is not quite right. And we do it fast and without thinking.

I have therefore divided the lecture on the head into two parts, the Skull and the Facial Features. The Skull is now ready and don’t forget to watch the free version of it here. This lecture also describes the basic set of human emotions and which muscles create them.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 12.04.20 PM

Video Podcast on the Lower Arm

Hello everyone, the free video podcast on how to draw the lower arm is now available in iTunes. Enjoy and if you’d like to know more, head over to the and get the latest full lecture.

New Podcast

As with all the Lectures, 005 The Lower Leg has also it’s cut down short version as a free podcast published now. You can get it here. It is just quick overview, for the real thing head to
On another note, I just noticed there were problems with accessing the other podcasts. That is all fixed now.
Happy Drawing!

Figure Drawing Online has an iTunes presence.

Figure Drawing Online has crossed another bridge. While making the 90 minute lectures I also made a 10 minute free podcast version of each of the episodes – Rib Cage, Pelvis and Upper Leg. These are just a quick insight into how much more tuition can be had in the full, paid (only $10.00!!!) lecture. So there it is, I’m proud to present to you the free podcasts in iTunes.