A Drawing A Day 0836

The following is a black chalk drawing on toned Fabriano Accademia paper,
50 x 70cm

Progress Shot 07

So, before doing any more work on the middle figure I’ve decided to explore the lighting conditions a bit further. In my experience, drawing is a kind of a dance. I have several features at hand that need work – composition, anatomy, light, line and tone….and I suppose, part of the creative process is tending to one or more of these at a time. I take the anatomy further by the refinement of line and tone and then leave it for a while until I establish the light. Now by tending to light, I suppose, I also alter the anatomy. Perhaps other parts of anatomy are now more important that before. Now that I have adjusted the anatomy, the light has changed too…..and so on and so on. You get the picture. It is a dance of going back and forth until one is happy with the magic.
So, I have adjusted the light on the leftmost figure compared to the yesterday’s drawing by increasing the intensity of the contrast where the light meets the dark. That indicates that the light falling on these figures is quite strong. Not the kind of softish, diffused, averaged out light.

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