A Drawing A Day 0490

The following is a graphite drawing on Canson Mi–Teintes 160gsm paper 55cm x 38cm (21.65in x 14.96in)

Progress Shot 14

2 thoughts on “A Drawing A Day 0490

  1. Love this.

    Perhaps this is answered elsewhere (forgive me)…but,
    How do you obtain models DAILY?
    Are there classes nearby, do you hire them…is this from memory,

    Huge Fan…Blessings,

  2. Hi David,

    Firstly, thank you for your appreciation.

    Now to the question of the models. I don’t get a model every day. Apart from a handful of extremely successful artists on the planet, not many could afford that. Sometimes I fork out and pay for a day of the model’s time ( the $40.00 per hour becomes a bit less) and just take progress shots of the drawings of several poses, which I post over a number of days for the example of the process. Sometimes I have the model for only an hour or so and take a few photos and work off them – ideally getting the model back for an extra hour just to see the real thing for the finish and sometimes, well, I use just a photo. I have to stress that there’s no substitute for the real body in real space in real lighting. There is other information apart from what the eye sees that gets captured when another human being is present. A photo can not supply this.

    So, it is not really A Drawing A Day, but I thought seeing the process is worth it. Another interesting thing about the progress shots is the fact that the closer to the finished drawing one gets, the slower the process becomes. At times I wonder whether the subtle changes show in the posts.

    Thanks again for being a fan.


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