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A Drawing A Day is an extra resource for those who did or are doing the paid Figure Drawing Course and / or the free Introduction To DrawingThis is to encourage your drawing practices, to support and shorten your learning curve, and to invite you to post your artwork (in the “Student Work” category) where others can comment and everyone coming to the site and blog benefits. Happy Drawing!

The following is a black chalk drawing on Fabriano Accademia 200gsm paper 38cm x 30cm (14.96in x 11.81in)

The drawing below is a good example of a compositional / design rule that is good to keep in mind.
There’s nothing particularly wrong with the drawing on the left until you see the correction of the pose on the right. The drawing on the left is “sitting on the fence”. Neither here, nor there. That means, it is too neutral in expression. Interestingly enough ( I did not think about this while drawing ) the approach to shading followed this lack of definition in suit. Very little detail especially on the legs. And once I realised what happened I corrected the pose on the right by “pushing” a bit more than just the pose of the model. Without the upper body the legs look like they’re going to topple, but if you imagine a similarly “pushed” bend of it, that would create a balance whilst enjoying extra dynamism. And it immediately demanded more definition. The drawing on the right, even though much rougher and not nearly as finished as the one on the left, still looks better to me. It just has that extra bit of tension, extra bit of aliveness.
The design rule is: This kind of neutrality kills the drawing. It does not suggest calmness, it lacks aliveness. A drawing depicting calmness can have enormous internal tension stemming from the pose and / or composition. Therefore, if unsure, push it more. What is the worst that can happen?

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